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Service & Support Packages

Our customer care support packages bundle popular services to provide you superior, cost-effective worry-free ownership of our products. To find out what support services are right for you, use the number under the big red quote button on the right and give us a call. We continuously strive to have the best customer care in the industry.

Automated Test System Extended Warranty Support Package
Enhanced support services for high usage test facilities

Chroma’s ATE Extended Warranty support product provides an increased level of support and customer care with the goal of providing factory like warranty support for your ATE system, once your ATE system is past the factory warranty period. With Chroma’s ATE Extended Warranty, you receive all the following benefits:

  • Extended Factory Warranty/Repair
  • Priority Telephone Call Handling
  • Priority RMA Handling
  • Free annual on-site calibration*

Extended Warranty Coverage

Included with this package is extended warranty support for all Chroma instruments and software with your test system. Any failed Chroma instrument, once returned to the factory, will be repaired at no charge. Service contract customers receive priority handling over non-contract repairs so repairs can usually be turned around in seven working days or less, with no additional costs. This service does not include installation or de-installation of instruments, or shipping costs. Note that in some cases, instruments requiring repair can be repaired onsite, if performed at the same time as the calibration service. Discuss this with Chroma Customer Service when you place a call for RMA repair or ATE calibration services.

Advantages of the Extended Warranty Service are that you will receive continued support for your Chroma purchased products beyond the warranty period. Warranty period timing can slip-away and, when it is really needed, ad-hoc funds need to be obtained. The Extended Warranty coverage solves this problem by providing for “post-warranty” service availability during your purchase budget cycle. You also will obtain priority call queue handling over the standard warranty product during heavy call volume situations.

Priority RMA Handling

Should any of your Chroma power instruments require repair or when you send them in for calibration (or are using the onside calibration services provided with this product), Chroma Extended Warranty Support Package members receive priority handling and queuing for these services. This feature allows your critical business resources to be back in operation minimal interruption to your business.

Free annual on-site calibration*

As part of the ATE Extended Warranty product, Chroma will schedule with you a convenient time to have our service technician at your site to perform annual ATE calibrations. This is a $1500 – $2000 value, free to Extended Warranty customers! All you need to do is notify us when you’re ready to schedule your free calibration.

Using Chroma for your calibration needs ensures that the makers of the equipment – those that know the products the best – are the ones providing you with the industry’s best calibration.

Advantages of having Chroma calibrate your equipment are that Chroma can install any new software, firmware, or engineering change orders which may have been introduced since the time your equipment was originally shipped. And if repairs are required, in many cases, with advanced notice at time of booking, these can be handled at the same time for Chroma products, all this with the quality and competitive pricing you have come to expect from Chroma.

Join the Chroma Extended Warranty Support program and see for yourself the difference!

*Calibration Services apply to Chroma instrumentation only.