Chroma Thermoelectric Instruments

TEC Controllers
Chroma’s Advanced TEC Controllers have an excellent temperature monitoring engine and allows for 2 T-type thermal couple inputs. The cold junction of the engine is internally stabilized up to 0.001℃ regardless the size and geometry of thermal platforms. The TEC driver uses a filtered PWM architecture, which obtains 150W, 300W high driving power efficiency with a smooth current modulation to a DC-like output. More TEC driving power means a wider temperature range, faster temperature response, and larger platform applications.

Data Loggers
Chroma’s thermal/multi-function data loggers measure temperature, voltage, and current with industry leading accuracy and resolution. Channels range from one to complicated sets of hundreds and support 8 types of thermal couple measurement with ITS-90 defined temperature range at 0.3°C accuracy and 0.01°C resolution.